Toyota Avanza, Innova, and Yaris Earn Top Brand 2013

Three products from Toyota is Toyota Avanza, Kijang Innova, and Yaris, was awarded Top Brand Award 2013. Toyota Avanza and Kijang Innova dominated the category Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), while the Toyota Yaris successfully led the City Car category.

The results achieved by the Avanza and Kijang Innova, complement their achievements throughout 2012 with the lead their respective markets. Toyota Avanza leads with holding a 49.4% market share, while the Toyota Kijang Innova holds a 72.2% market share.

The success of the Toyota Yaris, last year, for the first time been able to achieve the highest sales in the category 4 × 2 Compact Car and leading market share by achieving 37.2%.

"Toyota is grateful that the achievement of Toyota gained recognition from various parties, especially Top Brand Index and loyal Toyota customers. Hopefully this is a foothold to achieve better results, especially in 2013, "said President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan.

Top Brand Award 2013 is the first award received by Toyota in 2013. The success of Toyota Avanza, Kijang Innova, and Yaris, repeating the success the previous year with the same achievements. Top Brand Award 2013, which is an implementation of the the 14th time, a survey of about 4,200 consumers in Indonesia.