Toyota NAV1 Sales Target 500 Units Per Month

Toyota NAV1 ditargetkan bisa mencapai angka penjualan 500 unit per bulan
PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) completes its minivan lineup with the launch of Toyota NAV1 in Jakarta, Tuesday, December 11, 2012. Thus, Toyota now has four MPV that competes in all grades, the Toyota Avanza (low), Kijang Innova (medium), NAV1 (premium), Alphard (Luxury).

NAV1 or abbreviation of Navigation Number One was launched to meet the growing segment MPV, which became the belle of the automotive market in Indonesia. Johnny Darmawan said in recent years, the MPV segment showed a significant increase in demand.

"The development trends and the increasingly diverse needs of consumers, including those in the MPV segment, prompting Toyota to always deliver the best products and technology," Johnny said at the launch.

"We introduced NAV1 to meet the high demand in the MPV High segment, while providing a more diverse choice to consumers," he added.

From January to November 2012, total recorded MPV market has reached 456.281 units. This figure makes this fat market controls about 44,4% market share.

As for Toyota, in the first 10 months of 2012, mastered the MPV segment by 53,6% with sales of 244.404 units. The main mainstay still low class MPV, the Toyota Avanza. In addition, Toyota also has the Kijang Innova (medium), Alphard (luxury), and now NAV1 (premium).

"In recent years the MPV segment showed a significant increase in demand," said Johnny. "For the first phase we are targeting sales of 500 units, but can be increased according to market demand."

For the Indonesian market, NAV1 the Japanese market is also sold under the name of Noah, offered in two variants. Model G AT priced at IDR 378 million and type V AT sold IDR 398 million.

Both variants of the car with a capacity of seven passengers, using engine 2000 cc 4-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC with new technology Valvematic. The ability of the machine is equipped with a 7 speed Shiftronic transmission.