Toyota Astra Motor Achieved Make Study Award 2013

Toyota Astra Motor Kembali Raih Gelar Make Study Award
Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) back to maintain the title of "Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises" at the event in 2013 Indonesian MAKE Study Award which meet the theme of Value Creation Through Integrated Knowledge Management. With this, Toyota Astra Motor will represent Indonesia to compete to a higher level, namely the level of Asia.

Toyota Astra Motor is rated as a company that is able to create a knowledge management equitably to employees, so the company has a solid intellectual foundation. Impartial application of the practical learning competencies grow stronger company facing actual competence.

"A good company is not just focusing on the sales and financial performance alone. Toyota through the noble culture that was followed, uphold intellectual property of each employee so that they acquire value and useful knowledge for the future, strengthen the company itself from the inside, and make the Toyota Astra Motor as one of the few Corporate University in Indonesia, "said Johnny Darmawan, President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor on separate occasions.

In its judgment, Toyota Astra Motor into 3 companies best through a process that involves 65 major Indonesian companies from various parts of the industry.

Giving a total of 35 panelists judging assessment involving 8 factors namely, leadership, organizational culture, knowledge sharing and collaboration, customer knowledge, intelectual capital management, innovation, organizational learning, and organizational value. This award indicates the acceleration value of the company is to develop knowledge management.

TAM has awarded other awards, including Corporate Green Award as corporate environmentalists, Indonesia Most Admired Company, Contact Center Excellence Award, PR of the Year, Best Green Initiative Company, The Best in Experential Marketing, Indonesia's Most Favorite Netizen Brand, and a series of other awards, as well as Indonesia Most Admired CEO who complete the achievement.

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Toyota Are Not Leave Their Consumers

Superioritas penjualan crossover (car-based SUV) tidak membuat Toyota meninggalkan konsumennya yang membutuhkan SUV tangguh (body-on-frame)
In the United States, one of the world's largest SUV market, Toyota has four models of SUV body-on-frame, the FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Sequoia and Land Cruiser are legendary. "Clearly, there is a shift in the trend, but there is a group of consumers who are interested in this type of car, "said Motoharu Araya, executive chief engineer for Toyota SUVs and trucks to Automotive News.

"Their needs are diverse, there is a need to off-road vehicles, some others need a vehicle for towing and other commuter needs. Towing (drag trailer) and endurance is a difficult thing in the body monocoque SUV exceed it, "he explained.

In the first six months, sales of four types of SUV Toyota is experiencing growth. 4Runner grew 13% to 25,427 units. Sequoia grew 7% to 6,693 units, Land Cruiser grew 20% to 1,484 units and FJ Cruiser grew 3% to 6,594 units.

Then how Toyota Highlander crossover sales in the same period? It is much larger, 61 771 units. Therefore, Toyota plans to increase production of this model. Not less than $ 30 million invested in plant investment Princeton, Indiana to produce the Highlander.

Princeton plant will also produce the Highlander Hybrid, but the addition of this production specifically for petrol version.

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Toyota Holds Successful Quarter Million Unit Sales

Toyota Cetak Penjualan Seperempat Juta Unit
Signs new record sales of four-wheeled automobile in Indonesia continues to be seen. During the first half of this year, from January to June, Toyota has recorded sales of 215,044 units. This figure exceeds half of sales in 2012 which recorded 405,414 units.

In a press release, commercial car Toyota has experienced a significant increase in as many as 19,452 units sold during the year 2013, or approximately 36,1% growth compared to 2012 last year. Not just commercial car, compact car Toyota also recorded a significant growth of 56,3% with record sales of 20,177 units during the year 2013.

President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan welcomed with good sales growth in 1st half of 2013. "We are grateful for the results achieved during the year 2013, where not only Toyota's total sales growth but also in a line up of products," he said.

In the passenger car segment, this year Toyota has achieved record sales of 195,592 units, an increase of 4,1% compared to last year's record sales of 187,933 units.

- Toyota Vios: 771 units
- Toyota Corolla: 3,654 units
- Toyota Camry: 1,574 units
- Toyota 86: 123 units
- Toyota Etios: 7,698 units
- Toyota Yaris: 12,478 units
- Toyota Avanza 103,489 units
- Toyota Innova: 34,566 units
- Toyota NAV-1: 2,203 units
- Toyota Alphard: 482 units
- Toyota Rush: 16 742 units
- Toyota Fortuner: 10,318 units
- Toyota Fortuner 4x4 : 369 units
- Toyota Landcruiser: 111 units

In the commercial car segment, Toyota managed to achieve significant growth. In the commercial car segment, Toyota managed to record sales of 19,452 units, an increase of 36,1% compared to last year which recorded sales of 14,297 units.

- Toyota Dyna: 11,355 units
- Toyota Hi-Lux: 7,500 units
- Toyota Hi-Ace: 597 units

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Kirobo: Robot From Toyota That Become Astronaut

Kirobo: Robot From Toyota That Become Astronaut
Still remember the movie Astro Boy? The story of a robot boy who lives with humans. Such fantasies have long dreamed of. Dream about a robot that can talk, listen and help people ultimately embodied by Toyota and partners. And like Astro Boy, the robot is to fly into space.

Human-shaped robot named Kirobo as high as 33 cm was introduced in the briefing in Tokyo. The robot was developed by Dentsu Inc., University of Tokyo, Robo Garage Co. and Toyota Motor Corp.

Kirobo will glide into space toward the International Space Station in August, riding on Kounotori 4 cargo spacecraft. This robot will then wait for the Japanese astronaut, Koichi Wakata will glide November to December and take part in the conversation first human-robot in space. "We want people to dream of a society in which we live with the robots," said Fuminori Kataoka, General Manager of Toyota's product planning division. Kirobo scheduled to return to Earth in December 2014.

Voice-recognition technology developed by Toyota allows Kirobo to remember the human voices and respond to them with the Japanese. In the future, the technology developed in Kirobo also be used in robots made ​​another Toyota (partner robots) that function to serve the people who have difficulty walking.

Toyota developed a partner robot, especially in Japan which has the fastest growing elderly population in the world. One in four people in the country more than 65 years old in 2014.

Japanese society is quite comfortable with the idea of ​​living together and communicate with the robot because it is popular in manga scene, "said University of Tokyo Associate Professor Tomotaka Takahashi. "About 15 years into the future, we will see a society where every person living with personal robots."

Toyota manufactures robots since the 1970s. Initially for efficiency and improve the quality of the car, especially the work of welding and painting.

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Toyota Achieved Le Mans Podium For 24 Hours

Toyota Raih Podium Le Mans 24 Jam
Emotional race. Toyota finally able to reach the podium Le Mans 24 endurance race, after last year's failed. TS030Hybrid # 8 won the runner-up position, while TS030Hybrid # 7 in the fourth position.

Car # 7 managed to end the race with a full drama. Many challenges that must be resolved by the team during the 24-hour races, such as the loss of fuel pressure, slow down to maintain fuel and two tires replacement warning when sensors indicate a subtle leak.

Whereas before car # 7 fight for third position before the heavy rains flush the circuit and causing the car skidded into a wall. Luckily, the car can still go back to the pit and the pit crew can make wonders with their incredible work fixing the front of the heavily damaged, including the suspension system in just 30 minutes. Car # 7 can compete again and finish in the top 4.

Car # 8 made ​​it through the race more smoothly, but not without challenges. Successful podium finish in the second, is the best for Toyota. Historically, Toyota managed to occupy second podium several times, the TS010 (1992), 94C-V (1994) and TS020 (1999).

Car # 8 TS030 Hybrid consists of Anthony Davidson, S├ębastien Buemi and St├ęphane Sarrazin. Car # 7 consists of Alex Wurz, Nicolas Lapierre and Kazuki Nakajima.

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Toyota Sells 179,917 Units Vehicle In 5 Months

Toyota increasingly difficult to pursue a position as a champion of the national automotive sales. With additional sales of 36,282 units in May 2013, a total of five months of this year, Toyota has sold 179,917 units of vehicles. This figure is growing at about 9% compared to the same period last year as many as 165,054 units.

General Manager of Corporate Planning & Public Relations of PT Toyota Astra Motor, Widyawati, welcomed the positive outcome. "We hope that this good performance can continue in the following months. We are quite optimistic that sales will increase ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holiday later, "said Widyawati.

Toyota recorded an increase in sales both passenger and commercial segments.

In the compact car segment, Toyota posted sales of 17,324 units in January-May, 2013, or a market share of up to 58%. In the MPV segment, Toyota also dominates with a market share of 51.9%. MPV segment being a major contributor to Toyota's sales during the first five months of this year, with total sales of 116,981 units.

Achievement in the MPV segment, among others, thanks to Toyota Avanza which had total sales of 85,395 units, 29,342 units of the Toyota Kijang Innova, as well as Toyota's new flagship product in this segment, Toyota NAV1 many as 1,837 units.

In the 4×4 segment, Toyota posted total sales of 533 units and dominated the market in its class with a 64.1% market share, thanks to the Toyota product line up; Fortuner (4×4), Land Cruiser and FJ Cruiser.

Whereas in the commercial vehicle segment, Toyota posted total sales of 17,215 units in January-May 2013, grew 48.5% compared to the same period last year. Growth contributed pickup model 6,556 units, and commercial vehicle 2 tons 10,105 units.

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Toyota Automotive Companies with Best Reputation

Toyota Automotive Companies with Best Reputation
Toyota Astra Motor re-awarded. This time Toyota was awarded The Best in Corporate Image Building And Managing the Corporate Image Award 2013 event, which was organized by Frontier Consulting Group survey organizations in collaboration with Bloomberg Indonesia.

Toyota Astra Motor assessed as a company capable of building and managing corporate reputation is very good. This result is at once repeated the achievement in 2011, where Toyota Astra Motor achieved the same.

"The company's performance will be the quality of products and innovative services provided, good corporate governance, concern for social and environmental issues, as well as a conducive working environment capable of bringing Toyota Astra Motor as one company that has the best reputation in Indonesia," said Rahmat Samulo, Marketing Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor, who received the award at the event.

Corporate Image Index (CII) is obtained from the average of the assessment criteria. In the assessment process, conducted a survey of 2,350 respondents methods consisting of investors, executives, journalists, to the general public. Of these methods, Toyota Astra Motor achieve the highest index results 2637 and included in the category perfectly.

TAM has awarded other prizes, among them Indonesia Most Admired Company, Contact Center Excellence Award, PR of the Year, Best Green Initiative Company, The Best in Experential Marketing, Indonesia's Most Favorite Netizen Brand, and a series of other awards, as well as Indonesia's Most Admired CEO who complete the achievement.

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Toyota EV Ready 'Race to the Clouds'

Toyota EV Siap ‘Balapan ke Awan’
TMG EV P002 completely perfected and ready to defend the championship title in a race up the mountain in 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Completion of the improvements Toyota Motorsport announced after a whole series of successful tests completed. Testing was conducted in electric car Carolina Motorsport Park circuit. Specifically prepared for the Pikes Peak event - which is considered the most important event for the electric car competition - TMG EV P002 gets new aerodynamics package developed by Toyota Racing Development.

This single-seater electric car is now lighter, but has a more powerful propulsion systems and greater downforce. This means that the car can accelerate faster and have better traction. Therefore, Toyota remains the favorite and had a great chance to defend the champion title.

Rod Millen, the drivers - are satisfied with the development. "Balance is very good and their behavior can be predicted at any time. This unique race car and I really appreciate when you are behind the wheel. It gives me an opportunity to learn the capabilities of advanced electric motor and I got the experience of how the changes that occur as the distance increases mileage race ".

Racing 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb takes place June 30. This race is known as the Race to the Clouds, because climbing a winding mountain (supposedly there are 156 turns) with a distance of 20km and 1500m of climbing up starts.

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